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Innovator !

Discover your  possibilities  in  Creatori

Strategic Stands

In the different thematic editions of our high impact commercial events you will find a suitable space to potentiate your brand based on visual and conceptual communication between the point of sale and the customer.

Professional Education

As an exhibitor you will receive training for the design and decoration of your stand plus a marketing course applied to your entrepreneurial activity certified by ESDIART.

International projection

Creatori Colombia under direction of interior designer Ricardo Avila Gómez opens borders and cooperation ties to your brand with the most important events in the world in this field.

Congresses & Events

The creation and design activities required constant content updates, for this reason we work for you by creating spaces for participation, opinion and debate.

¡ Hi

Innovator !

Our Director

Colombian interior designer and culture advisor, Ricardo Ávila Gómez - Interiorismo & Arte, Decoration Company CEO with more than 37 years of professional experience. Founder of "Colombian School of Design" ESDIART. President of the Colombian Center of Excellence and Innovation in Design and CEINART Arts. Television programs, magazines, newspapers and specialized publications advisor at national and international level…

Ricardo Avila Gómez

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¿Why  being  a  Creatori?

High quality standards

A CREATORI is known by his/her high quality and creativity standards when developing projects.

Support to his role as a creator

A CREATORI has unconditional support of a professional work team committed to the expectations of its exhibitors.

Brand positioning

Being a CREATORI allows you to position your brand locally and internationally


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